New Tender Opportunities listing

HCPA are aware that there are new tendering opportunities becoming available for various client groups within the adult social care sector from HCC.

To support our members we thought it would be a good idea to put a list of all of the open tenders that we are aware of on our Members Zone with a link to the relevant web portal so that you can apply.

We are also aware of other local authorities in neighbouring areas advertising opportunities that may be of interest so will post these as well on the web page with application details.

These are tenders that HCPA are aware of that may be of interest to members. It is advisable to register with the portals and set up alerts for relevant service areas. also offers access to a wide range of public service tenders as they become available.

Please note that we will do our best to ensure that we list all available tenders, however some may slip past us, so please continue to look out for opportunities yourselves. Email any tender opportunities to

ADS / OP residential nursing contracts

If you are a HCPA member with a HCC DS/OP Residential/Nursing Spot Contract then please click here to view the sample contract.

The ADASS Eastern Region Residential and Nursing Contract has been updated and you are required to sign the new contract variation. As part of this due diligence you need to provide updated policies, procedures, insurance and other relevant documents.

If you have not received the original email or have any queries regarding this process please contact your commissioner as appropriate:

For Older People Residential and Nursing Homes –
For Disabled Adult Residential and Nursing Homes –

A webinar will be announced for December 2023.

Opportunity in Enfield – LD Services

Enfield Council established a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) in 2018 for the provision of care and support services for adults with learning disabilities aged 18 and over, and this DPS has been extended for a further 25 months starting from 09 October 2023 until 08 November 2025.

  • Lot 1a – Moderate to severe learning disabilities – Care; Support
  • Lot 1b – Moderate to severe learning disabilities – Care; Support with Accommodation
  • Lot 2a – Profound and multiple learning disabilities and /or complex health needs – Care; Support
  • Lot 2b – Profound and multiple learning disabilities and /or complex health needs – Care ; Support with Accommodation
  • Lot 3a – Learning disabilities and behaviour that challenges and/or mental health issues – Care ; Support
  • Lot 3b – Learning disabilities and behaviour that challenges and/or mental health issues – Care ; Support with Accommodation

To apply and for more information click here

Tender Opportunity for Buckinghamshire Supported Living Sites

Buckinghamshire Council is seeking a Provider/s to provide Care and Support under 2 block contract arrangement within 13 supported living services, 7 locations supporting people with a learning disability/autism and 6 locations supporting people with mental health conditions. The services vary in size and support a total of 124 service use

Value £23,964,500
Date notice published: 19 September 2023
Closing date: 24 October 2023, 12pm

To find out more or apply you will need to log in or register via the link here

Tender opportunity: Buckinghamshire

Dynamic Purchasing Vehicle (DPV) for the Provision of Supported Living Services in Buckinghamshire

Opportunity Id:
321000 – Social Community Care Supplies & Services – Adult

Buckinghamshire Council (the Council) and Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group is seeking to establish a Dynamic Purchasing Vehicle (“DPV”) for the provision of Supported Living in Buckinghamshire (the Services).

The Council is conducting the procurement via the “Light Touch Regime” as set out in the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015). The DPV will primarily be used for spot procurements and will enable the Council to facilitate greater choice and flexibility for Supported Living services, as well as drive improvements in quality in the market.

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