Document Name  Description  Link
CQC Guidelines for PBS  Brief description on PBS and the support for people with behaviours that challenge. Click here
Find the Reasons for Challenging Behaviour: Part 2 info sheet Information about what may lead to challenging behaviour and the different stages. Click here 
Positive Behaviour Support Planning: part 3 info sheet Practical tool to support family carers to understand how to reduce the behaviour that challenges. Click here 
Positive and Proactive Care: Reducing the need for Restrictive Interventions Guide prepared by the Department of Health focusing on PBS and restrictive interventions. Click here 
Physical Restraint Information on physical restraint and when it is appropriate to use. Click here 
Glossary of Terms A document that explains commonly used terms associated with PBS. Click here 
10 Things you can do to support a person with Difficult Behaviours List of ideas for uncovering the real things that a person may need so that you can be more supportive with their challenging behaviour. Click here 
Support Worker Competence Checklist A checklist for you to record and demonstrate your competence in delivering PBS. Click here 
Positive and Proactive Support Plan This plan should be implemented alongside a risk management plan. Click here 
Observational Checklist Provides practical tools for those observing or inspecting services which provide PBS. Click here 
Behaviour Support Planning Audit Tools Questionnaire to help evaluate where the service is now and prompt action planning. Click here 
Scatter Plot Assessment Tool Tool to help discover patterns related to the behaviour and specific time periods. Click here 
Antecedent Behaviour Consequence (ABC Analysis Chart) An ABC recording is a way of collecting information to help determine the function of a person’s behaviour. Click here