Different types of medicines are available in patch form; some include painkillers, medicines to treat Parkinson’s disease, and medicines to control nausea and vomiting.

Application of Patches

  • The interval between patches can vary. Patches should be applied at the frequency determined by the prescriber.
  • The site of application should be rotated with each application in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The manufacturer may recommend that the same site should be avoided for a certain length of time. This varies from patch to patch. Always check the patient information leaflet.
  • Patches should not be applied immediately after a person has had a bath or shower, as heat can increase the absorption of some medicines into the bloodstream.
  • Old patches should be removed, folded in half and safely disposed of, before applying a new patch.

Record keeping of Patches

  • The application of a patch should be recorded on the MAR chart.
  • The specific location of the patch should also be recorded. This may be on the MAR chart if there is sufficient space or using another template e.g. a body map or a patch chart.
  • When a patient is transferred between settings, staff should ensure that information around the date, time and site of application, are communicated.