Any dietary information must be accessible to staff working in the kitchen, if this is paper based be aware of keeping this confidential if the kitchen is accessible by visitors or residents. Depending on the service type, you may want to sign post to a weekly menu/ meal plan that has been co-produced with the individual’s preferences in mind. Capture the dietary requirement here, you may want to include details of liked and disliked foods applicable to the visit time. Also consider religious needs as well, where needed.

Weight and Fluid charts need to be in place where required, if unsure speak to GP or specialist such as dietician.

Risk Considerations and Management:

  • Malnutrition – MUST score to be completed where needed and actions followed. Click here for current pathway and support.
  • Dehydration  and UTI’s – Click here for current local guidance.
  • Dysphagia- Any thickener, soft and pureed food. If the person is at risk of aspiration and/or choking or has difficulty swallowing food, risk feeding protocol to be included. Click here for current pathway and support.
  • Obesity  – serious health concern that increases the risk of many other health conditions, including Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, joint problems, mental health problems, and some cancers. Click here for current local guidance.

For the above please add any professional involvement such as SALT team, Dietitian etc. 

Consider: Does food need to be prepared in a particular way for cultural/religious purposes. 

Support required:

  • Do not need any support (able to eat and drink independently)
  • Need some support
  • Support with verbal prompts
  • Need full support
  • Need support with equipment
  • I do not use/need that

Please highlight the support required from the list below:

  • Eating adequately
  • Using cutlery
  • Eating skills
  • Getting food out from the fridge
  • Getting food out from the cupboard
  • Preparing the food to be cooked
  • Cooking the food
  • Getting snacks e.g., biscuits, crisps, other
  • Getting drinks ready
  • Drinking skills
  • Use of a cup/ glass         
  • Drinking adequately
  • Making a hot drink
  • Making a cold drink
  • Using kitchen appliances
  • Heating up a meal
  • Awareness of healthy eating
  • Awareness of food safety and hygiene
  • Planning a healthy menu
  • Food shopping
  • Other

My Nutrition and Hydration Support Plan

Please use the information above to create a detailed plan that details how the individual is to be supported and assisted with their nutrition and hydration.  Please specify each time of the day support such as am/ lunch/teatime/ pm. *Note: nutrition and fluid charts need to record the amount that has been consumed (not just what has been given).

My Outcomes for Nutrition and Hydration

Use this section to highlight the desired goals in relation to their nutrition and hydration e.g., ‘I would like to drink less fizzy drink and increase my water intake’. Please detail how this goal will be met and what/who needs to be involved.