This section should include preferences regarding their night routine; it can include everything around bedtimes/ getting up, their bed and bedding (for example, height of bed, number of pillows, and type of mattress), frequency of checking (if any).

Support required:

  • Do not need any support
  • Need some support
  • Verbal prompt
  • Need full support
  • Need equipment
  • I do not use/need that

Please highlight the support required from the list below:

  • Throughout the night monitoring
  • Helping with toilet at night
  • Re -positioning at night
  • Getting me a drink at night
  • Emptying catheter
  • Stoma bag care
  • Change my pad
  • Assist with my mobility
  • Provide companionship
  • Taking my medication
  • Other

My Night Time Care And Support Plan

Please use the information above to create a detailed plan that supports the individual with their night time routine. Please consider any night time monitoring charts that may be required.

My Desired Outcomes for Night Time Support

In this section, please highlight the person’s desired goals in relation to nighttime support e.g., ‘I would like to reduce the amount of overnight monitoring so that I can get a better night’s sleep’. It is recommended that you have a night care goal that is aimed at promoting a good night’s sleep for the person. Please detail how this goal will be met and what/who needs to be involved.