This section is about any further preferences the person may wish to document. Please record full detail if there are any additional comments in relation to the prompt question below.

  • Does the client have any cultural or religious beliefs? (Should also include cultural/ religious/ social norms – expectations and requirements e.g., to cover or remove shoes when entering the home.)
  • Does the client have any needs?
  • Does the client have any preferences?
  • How does the client would like to be addressed/called?
  • Does the client have any house rules?
  • Other?

Use this space to give details on any of the above specified areas.

My Desired Achievements from My Care and Support

This part of the care plan needs to detail the overall desired outcomes of the person receiving care, their objectives and desired achievements. Write goals in the first person, make use of ‘I’ statements i.e. “I would like” or “I want”. If the individual lacks the capacity to make decisions about their own goals, goals should be set in their best interest, with the involvement of relevant people. Please detail how these goals will be met and what/who needs to be involved.

Desired outcome that I would like to gain from my care and support

My objectives that I would like to outline regarding my care

Goals that I would like to achieve from my care (goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and have a time scale)