Mobility is the ability of the person to move around in their environment, including walking, standing up from a chair, sitting down from standing, and moving around in bed.  This section can be used to provide clear guidance on the individuals strengths and weaknesses and the specific support they require for their mobility.

You will need to create a template (utilising below) that highlights the individuals’ strengths and weaknesses.

Ensure that it is evidenced what individuals can do, so they are still as independent as possible. Including ability to carry activities of daily living, such as washing and dressing. How can they also improve their ability?

Support required:

  • Do not need any support
  • Need some support
  • Verbal prompt
  • Need full support
  • Need equipment
  • I do not use/need that

Please highlight the support required from the list below:

  • Get into the bath/ shower
  • Get out from the bath/shower
  • Able to weight bear
  • Standing up
  • Sitting down
  • Lying down
  • Sitting up
  • Moving on even surfaces
  • Moving on uneven surfaces
  • Use of stairs
  • Use of steps
  • Moving around my home
  • Moving outside (community, garden)
  • Other

Mobility equipment required:

Does the individual need any equipment in place? Yes / No

Does the individual need any referral for an equipment/ extra equipment? Yes / No

  • Hoist
  • Slings
  • Standing hoist
  • Ceiling hoist
  • Rota stand
  • Slide sheet
  • Belt for rotary stand
  • Hospital (profile) bed
  • Bedrails
  • Walking frame
  • Walk in shower
  • Recliner chair
  • Wheelchair
  • Sliding board
  • Shower chair
  • Other

My Mobility Care and Support Plan

Please use the information above to create a detailed plan that details how the individual is to be supported and assisted with their mobility. If cared for in bed, please specify the times of day that support is required, such as am/ lunch/teatime/ pm. Please add if there have been any referrals made due to falls or mobility issues. It is also good practice to take photos of the specific equipment used and a to create a log of checks and audits e.g. slings are not frayed or broken.

Support to Access the Community

Use this section to state what mobility support the individual would like in order to access their community.

My Desired Outcomes for Mobility

In this section, please highlight the individuals desired goals in relation to their mobility e.g., ‘I would like to walk to the bathroom unassisted’. Please detail how this goal will be met, what/who needs to be involved and timeframe.

Please add any professionals (GP, physio therapist, OT) that are involved. Please add the service date for the equipment. If there are bed rails, please complete consent form/ MCA/ DOLs, BI as needed, plus relevant risk assessments.