Memohub is an unobtrusive home monitoring for peace of mind to make sure that your family are safe. This app is a digital telecare platform to help families keep up-to-date daily with their loved ones. Memo uses wireless sensors to help monitor activity around the house, it can monitor ordinary behaviour and detect anything unusual. The app offers reassurance, independence and insight to daily activities which can be tailored to suit the family.

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Buddi Connect

Buddi Connect app is a wrist band that communicates alerts and data to family member. The wristband pairs to the app and uses the user’s smartphone to pair. If the user doesn’t have a smart phone, then they can use the Buddi clip that can send updates to family.

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Just Checking Supplies

Just checking supplies is an activity monitoring system that help people living independently in their own homes by showing day-today activities. This platform can support those living with Dementia and those living with learning disabilities. Sensors are placed in every room of the house; movement triggers the sensors and activity can then be logged by the family, with alerts set up.

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