A ‘Responsive’ Approach

Ensure you are up to date on what it means to be ‘Responsive’. The CQC standard of ‘Responsive’ means that as an organisation your services should be evidencing that it is meeting the needs of your clients.

They will be looking for evidence of how you assess a client’s needs, plan their care, and how you recognise and respond when their needs change.

When considering all the above you should actively be seeking the views of your clients, their families, and even your own staff, good or bad, so that the right person-centred care can be administered.

For this event we secured a free training session for our members from the Social Care Ombudsmen to take you through their ‘Effective Complaint Handling ‘processes and how having this structure implemented within your organisation can be beneficial when it comes to your CQC and LA inspections.

At this event we also heard from speakers, Ridouts, on topics that cover preparing for the new CQC inspection regime, and key themes affecting providers at present.

As usual we were also joined by speakers from HCC and Public Health so that you are fully updated on what is happening within Hertfordshire and how to support your care business.

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