Corresponding Documents and Downloadable Links Available

Hertfordshire Safeguarding Adults Board (HSAB) Hertfordshire Modern Slavery Partnership referral pathways and corresponding documents for potential and identified adult and child victims of modern slavery/human trafficking. 

HSAB Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking practice guidance. 

Please refer to the launch document before sending out any of the following documents internally:

  1. HMSP Adult Victim Referral Pathway & HMSP Child Victim Referral Pathway
  2. HMSP Reporting Form for Adult Victims
  3. HMSP Information Flyer for Adult Victims and Young Adults (16-18) – English
  4. HMSP NRM Support Booklet for Adult Victims – English

Links to the translated documents can be found at the end of the launch document or below:

Please also take note of the following:

  • Please ensure that you cascade the attached documents to your teams for further dissemination across relevant departments.
  • Feel free to add/extract any of the content within the launch document (Microsoft Word version) to any internal documents that are used for a change of process, if this is required.
  • Please be prepared to report on implementation of these documents within your organisation (if applicable) at the next HMSP meeting that you will be attending (Steering Group or Subgroup).
  • Feedback channels: In the first instance, any feedback should be directed to an agreed manager, safeguarding and/or modern slavery organisation lead. If further advice is needed, managers should reach out to me. Any feedback will be discussed at the next Steering Group meeting, as well as at subgroup meetings.
  • An official public launch of these documents is expected in September.