Each test kit distributed to your homecare workers includes a set of instructions on how to conduct, register and return the test.

These instructions include separate registration instructions for “If you have received a test kit to use at home” or “If you’re testing on-site for an organisation”.

Please make sure that your homecare workers follow the registration route for “If you’re testing on-site for an organisation” shown on pages 6 and 7.

This means registering the completed test kit at gov.uk/register-organisation-tests, inputting the UON for your agency.

If tests are registered as “home” tests instead of “organisation” tests we will be unable to effectively track and understand the prevalence of coronavirus within the homecare working sector.

We would be especially grateful if you can send a text to all your Homecare staff to remind them of this point. The wording for this text message will be available on the website below within the next 48 hours: