This Forum is for HR professionals in care and Registered Managers, as well as those working towards registration. This is an opportunity for you to discuss your management issues, to meet and build working partnerships with other organisations in your community and develop your continuous professional development. There will be a new theme each time, and this quarter’s theme is HR and Management.

Each Forum will have a different Chairperson, or co-chairs with expertise in specific subject areas. This HR focussed forum will be co-chaired by Managers from HCPA and Managers from two Hertfordshire Care Providers who deal with day-to-day HR issues and would like to collaborate with you. The session’s themes will include:

• The cost-of-living crisis and what we can do to help
• Retention and recruitment
• New policy ideas to support your staff
• Manager and staff resilience

We will also invite you at the meeting to suggest agenda items for the next meeting and give you an opportunity to be a co-chair if you would like to.

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