HCPA have recently teamed up with the heart failure team at Central London Community Healthcare Trust to provide Care professionals heart failure education.

Did you know?
• There are an estimated 920,000 people living with heart failure in the UK
• Heart failure results in 100,000 hospital admissions in the UK each year
• 4 in 10 people with heart failure have their early symptoms missed leading to a delay in diagnosis

These statistics show that heart failure is a hugely important topic for care providers to be aware about. Heart failure is a misunderstood and misdiagnosed condition, as malignant as some of the most common cancers, and should be treated with the same urgency.

This 1-hour webinar will support recognising heart failure and what can be done to improve outcomes for the individuals in their care.

Together we can achieve better recognition and BEAT heart failure:
B – Breathless
E – Exhaustion
A – Ankle swelling
T – Time for a simple blood test

Click here for the webinar recording
Click here for the webinar slides