You should do your utmost to ensure that:

  • The assessment happens at a time and place that suits the person being assessed.
  • The person knows what the assessment is for.
  • You give the person enough information for them to understand what will happen and when.
  • You listen to the person and those that know the person best.
  • You allow the necessary time to fully gather the information you require to develop a creative, supportive care and support plan.
  • The staff member developing the care and support plan has competence, confidence, experience and skill to carry out the assessment.
  • The person understands how the information will be shared and with whom.
  • You do not make assumptions about the person/ their likes and dislikes/ their interests etc. based on a diagnosed health condition, the persons’ background, their age, or any other protected characteristics.
  • You recognise that the person/ their family/ friends/ carer may be confused or disorientated as this may be the first time they have been in this situation. They may also be fearful or wary if they have previously had a bad experience.

Remember – The Care/Support plan is a legal document and staff should be clear on record keeping standards when completing this document.