This section should help you to create a plan to support the person with their financial aspects and may include anything from helping them with bills, paperwork and day-to-day money, to taking on a lasting power of attorney.

Support required:

  • Do not need any support
  • Need some support
  • Verbal prompt
  • Need full support
  • Need equipment
  • I do not use/need that

Please highlight the support required from the list below.

  • Understanding the value of the money
  • Accessing money
  • Budgeting money
  • Making purchases
  • Paying bills
  • For Supported Living -prompt around maintaining tenancy
  • Paying for shopping
  • Accessing benefits
  • Withdraw money
  • Send money
  • Other

My Financial Support Plan

Please use the information above to create a detailed plan of how the individual is to be supported and assisted with their finances. Please specify when and who will carry out the tasks (family, support workers, friends etc). Does the person have access to regular allowance; what income do they have and if there are any issues regarding payment contribution, if applicable. For LPA info please refer to the MCA section in the care and support plan.

My Desired Outcomes for Finance

like to be able to go to the bank and withdraw money for myself’. Please detail how this goal will be met and what/who needs to be involved.