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Eating and drinking at end of lifeEating and drinking at end of life is a self-explanatory leaflet designed for relatives and carers of people who are reaching the end of their lives. It was originally requested by a number of GPs and Dietitians, in order to help reassure carers that loss of appetite and reduction in food intake is a normal and expected part of the dying process, and that prescribing ONS is unlikely to be appropriate or helpful at this stage.Click here
Eating well - Homemade supplementsHomemade supplements is designed for patients at high risk of malnutrition according to MUST and intended to be provided together with either ‘Eating well for small appetites’ or 'Fortifying Food for Care Homes'. The homemade milkshake recipe is nutritionally almost identical to prescribed milkshake type ONS.Click here
ONS and end of life position statementONS and end of life - Position statement provides a clear explanation for prescribers and others that ONS products will confer little or no benefit for patients when initiated or continued in the last few weeks or days of life. Food means more to most patients than simply nutrition, and at the very end of life the contribution of small amounts of food and fluid to patients’ quality of life is much more important than their nutritional intake.Click here