People that are eligible for social care in Hertfordshire will have information and advice on the options available to receive their personal budget, including direct payments and individual service funds.

Direct Payments and the Individual Fund Strategy sets out the ambition for people who wish to be in control of the support they are eligible to receive from Adult Care Services (ACS) and the people, professionals that arrange, deliver or have a supporting role in this.

What is a Direct Payment?

A direct payment is money that is paid to a person (or someone acting on their behalf), so they can arrange their own care and support instead of Hertfordshire County Council. A direct payment is one way to receive a
personal budget, which is a budget allocated to a person by Hertfordshire County Council to pay for support to meet assessed, eligible needs and outcomes.

What is an Individual Service Fund Strategy? 

An individual service fund is where a care provider, chosen by the person, manages the budget on their behalf.

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