Cuppa Care – funded by Skills for Care (Micro App Learning)

This is an application product that you can download on smartphones. This will allow care staff to access quality lite bite training and information through their smartphone. This will allow them to have the resources necessary to carry out their task in a quality manner. Management can easily assign content relevant to each staff for personal development, this also comes with a content tracker for progress on a user-friendly interface, it is currently getting ready to

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HCPA Stop Falls APP

The StopFalls app has been updated with all new resources and guidance keeping you up-to-date with best practices and legislations around intervening and preventing falls in those more vulnerable, through useful assessments, post-fall techniques, and updated exercise videos.

What’s new?
  • Updates to all resources
  • The newly added ‘PRISMA’ Frailty Assessment tool is a 7 item questionnaire to identify frailty in a person
  • The newly added ‘Timed-Up-and-Go’ resource to determine a person’s falls risk from sitting to standing, walking and balance
  • All new exercise videos to help app users to follow the correct movements for both standing, and chair-based exercises
  • Brand new ‘Intervention’ section which gives you access to the ‘Urgent Falls Checklist’ which can be used as a guideline used by the East of England Ambulance service on how to best respond to a fall
  • The Intervention section also includes resources on how to help a person get up safely from a fall on their front, and from someone who has fallen onto their back
  • The Intervention section gives users access to the ‘SBAR Communication Tool’, to support your service and staff to assess a situation or symptom and who to contact at the correct health service
  • Added a new ‘Risk Factor’: ‘UTI’s and Delirium
  • Made overall improvements to reduce the size of the App



Memory Tracks – A care app to support people living with Dementia

Memory Tracks is an app that helps stimulate memory, manage agitation, assist with care and support important daily routines through song-task association. By connecting songs to necessary tasks can help change behaviour positively, making it easier to give and receive care. A recent study on Memory tracks showed that residents were happier and made a difference to the staffs every day care tasks, improving care.

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Vine Health

Vine Health is an app to help individuals get through cancer. Vine Health work with oncologists, specialist cancer nurses and patients which allow patients to report, monitor their symptoms, medication and activity levels. Managing a condition like cancer can be complex and challenging, it can be difficult to keep track of lifestyle changes and manage day to day. Studies have shown that by tracking symptoms, side effects can improve an individual’s quality of life.

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Ampersand Health Self-management app

Ampersand Health Self-management app is a tool that has been developed to help and empower patients to manage their disease. Long term health conditions challenge the NHS, those that can manage their long term health conditions can have up to 38% fewer emergency admissions and 32% fewer attendances to A&E. It is important for individuals to understand why specific medications are taken, more information about their disease, manage stress and anxiety, all without going into the hospital.

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» Reducing emergency admissions: unlocking the potential of people to better manage their long-term condition, 2018


Aparito is a platform that makes it easier for patients and physicians to collect patient data. The data is collected via the mobile app and wearable devices which can help view patients symptoms and wellbeing. Real time data is delivered to help create a more accurate picture of how treatment works or how a disease progresses.

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Free technology for any vulnerable individuals during COVID-19. Specifically aimed at those living with a learning disability, the app supports independent living skills in the home. AutonoMe breaks down outcomes which are measured against The Care Act, the app can show how much an individual has progressed towards their outcome. With each local authority, AutonoMe works with a local engagement officer to support staff, providers and other key partners to embed AutonoMe into practice.

My Health Guide

My health guide is an app used for adults with learning disabilities. It allows individuals to give carers and medical staff more of an understanding of their health needs. Nutritional needs, feelings and healthcare can be communicated through audio, pictures, video and text.

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