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The food suppliers listed below may also be willing to
provide a service to residential homes in Hertfordshire
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Volunteers to help with shopping – available now!

Homecare Providers

Have you identified any individuals who need support with shopping? If so, simply use the button below to request a volunteer. Our team will be in touch with you to set this up.

Small residential services/supported living

If you are worried your service will be low on staffing, and shopping for the people who use your service will be a problem, please use the button below to request a volunteer. Our team will be in touch with you to set this up.

Identification for Key Workers

There have been some problems in supermarkets with staff not being able to identify themselves.

A letter has been written by Hertfordshire County Council for you to give to your staff so that they can prove that they are included in the Key Worker category.

Please note: You will need to add your employee’s name
and delete where applicable.

Food service for care providers

Our trusted partner Herts Catering Ltd. (HCL) has informed us that their usual supplier of ingredients to schools has now temporarily switched their focus to supplying care providers.

To assist with the delivery of food essentials within our local communities, HCL has launched a system for HCPA members to order online during this challenging period.


To register for ordering, food delivery and collectionplease click on the button below.


The supplier will contact you as soon as possible with a password so that you can create your account and start ordering for your care providing organisation.

Please be considerate about using this service and these shopping delivery details by ensuring that individuals do not try and use this for personal or household deliveries.

 This service is only for care providers in need of food services

who cannot purchase this from anywhere else.

If you encounter problems, please contact the supplier rather than the provider support line.

However, if you are experiencing severe food shortages,
please call the provider support line on 01707 708 108
(9am – 6pm | Mon – Fri and 10am – 4pm | Sat – Sun)

Emergency Food Situation

If you are experiencing an urgent need for food essentials and are unable to wait for Bid Food to deliver due to delays in their processes, you are can click below to get in touch with our trusted partner Herts Catering Limited (HCL).

HCL will purchase food you need for on your behalf, load up their lorries used to supply school deliveries, deliver them to you when they are doing their rounds, and will then charge accordingly after.

If you encounter problems, please contact our trusted partner
rather than the provider support line

Volunteer Shopping Cards

Homecare agencies who have links with people in the community may be interested in these cards, which allow an individual to provide a payment card to someone who is purchasing shopping on their behalf. Money is pre-loaded onto the card by the person staying at home, similar to a gift-voucher, which can then be used for payment in store.

The gift card can be emailed directly to the person who will be paying in store for the shopping or it can be emailed to the person who is purchasing the card. They can then email to the volunteer or print off and give it to the volunteer.

Supermarket Food Packages

Supermarkets in Hertfordshire are selling a pre-selected number of food items for people who are unable to go shopping, such as the elderly and vulnerable in the form of food parcels.

Supermarket Information
for Care Providers and Your Staff

We have compiled a comprehensive list of supermarkets across Hertfordshire with pertinent information for your care organisation and staff, including opening times, allocated shopping hours for key workers, and product restrictions.

(Please note the information below changes regularly; to get the latest on a specific supermarket, please visit their respective website)

Aldi» Click here to check your local Aldi store
Opening Hours8am to 10pm (Monday to Saturday)
11am to 5pm (Sunday)
Key Worker HoursEveryday from 9:30am to 10am- ID must be presented upon entry
Product RestrictionsAldi has lifted buying restrictions on almost all items except hand sanitiser and UHT milk
Asda» Click here to check your local Asda store
Opening Hours6am to 10pm (Monday to Saturday) | Either 10am to 4pm or 11am to 5pm (Sunday)- varies by location; 24-hour stores are closed between 12am to 6am.
Key Worker Hours8am to 9am (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) | 9am to 10am (Sunday)
Product RestrictionsAsda has placed a limit of 3 of any product per person
Co-op» Click here to check your local Co-op store
Opening Hours6am/7am to 8pm (Varies by location)
Key Worker Hours8am to 9am (Monday to Saturday)
10am to 11am (Sunday)
Product RestrictionsCo-op is limiting selected products to two items per person including hand sanitiser, soap, tinned goods, pasta, rice, long-life milk, sugar, baby food and nappies.
Iceland» Click here to check your local Iceland store
Opening Hours8am to 8pm (Monday to Saturday) | Either 10am to 4pm or 11am to 5pm (Sunday)- Varies by location
Key Worker Hours7pm to 8pm (Monday to Saturday)- ID must be presented upon entry
Product RestrictionsIceland has introduced a temporary cap on sales of several products including some anti-bacterial soaps and wipes
Lidl» Click here to check your local Lidl store
Opening Hours8am (Varies by location)
Key Worker HoursNo change to their opening times
Product RestrictionsLidl has lifted buying restriction but has placed a limit on toilet paper
Marks & Spencers» Click here to check your local M&S store
Opening Hours6am to 9am (Varies by location)
Key Worker HoursThe first hour of opening times (Tuesdays & Fridays)
Product RestrictionsM&S has stated some products remain restricted
Morrisons» Click here to check your local Morrisons store
Opening Hours7am to 10pm (Varies by location)
Key Worker Hours7am to 8am (Monday to Saturday)
Product RestrictionsMorrisons has lifted buying restrctions on all products except legal ones such as Paracetamol limits
Sainsbury's» Click here to check your local Sainsbury's store
Opening Hours8am to 8pm (Monday to Saturday) | Either 10am to 4pm or 11am to 5pm (Sunday)- One adult per trolley; shopping in couples is not allowed
Key Worker HoursKey Workers are able to shop 7.30am to 8am (Monday to Saturday)- ID must be presented upon entry
Product RestrictionsSainsbury's still has some restrictions in place on items such as pasta, long-life milk, antibacterial products, and some frozen food
Tesco» Click here to check your local Tesco store
Opening HoursAll stores close at 10pm (Monday to Saturday) | Either 10am to 4pm or 11am to 5pm (Sunday) and has made changes to its 24-hour stores (Varies by location)
Key Worker HoursOne hour before opening times on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday- ID must be presented upon entry
Product RestrictionsTesco has removed purchasing limits on the majority of its products but limits will remain on essential items such as toilet paper, pasta, and hand sanitisers
Waitrose» Click here to check your local Waitrose store
Opening HoursCheck local hours (Monday to Saturday) | Either 10am to 4pm or 11am to 5pm (Sunday)
Key Worker HoursOpen an hour before opening times (Varies by location- Some stores are closed) | Priority checkouts are available and essental items are being set aside for key workers- ID must be presented upon entry
Product RestrictionsWaitrose still has some rescrictions on some products such as toilet paper

We are managing a volunteer service and if a provider needs help with shopping, they should contact
Academy Affiliates may benefit from the following discounts…
Benefit Offer (Last updated 3rd April 2020)TIER
Sainsburys – Save 5%1
Tesco – Save 4%1
Asda – Save 4%1
Iceland – Save 5%1
Amazon Fresh – Free 30 Day Trial then 9.99 /m4
Co-operative – 10% off4
Pizza Hut – 20% off4
Dominos – 25% off orders over £254

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