There has never been a greater need for us to show our appreciation for the incredible work our social care staff carry out in Hertfordshire.

With the upcoming Bank-Holiday weekend, and some slight easing of restrictions in certain parts, we know it is going to be tougher than ever to not be tempted to go out and enjoy the weather.

Our marketing and design team here at HCPA, in their own time, have created some posters for people to print and colour, continuing to combine the nation’s love for our CARE Heroes, whilst encouraging you to stay in and protect them all.

All care staff can get their own children involved in spreading the word, any people who use services may also want to ‘do their bit’ to say thank you, so please colour or decorate one or more of the below images in your chosen style. We will then share their creations on our FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts over the coming weeks.

We will also feature some of your designs at our Virtual Hertfordshire Care Awards later in the year.

Send your colourful creations via email to – We would love both a close up of the artwork, and an image of the artist with their masterpiece (a photograph from your phones will do!), but if you would rather just send the photo of the artwork, that is fine too.
If you are unable to send us a photo, you can always send us the originals via post to HCPA, Mundells Campus, Welwyn GC, AL7 1FT.

Don’t forget, if you are sending an image with the artist, you will be giving permission for the image to be shared widely, including on social media.



Click any of the images below to print out and decorate!