HCPA, HCC, Herts and West Essex ICB and CQC have collaborated to put together a best practice toolkit to enable managers to do a self-assessment on care plans. This document can be used as an audit tool or can be utilised to put together training for staff as it will give guidance on best practice. Once you and your team have finished the toolkit you will be able to recognise any areas of care planning where you may want to consider changes.

HCPA brought together all the bodies who are likely to come to your service and look at care plans and asked them to add any areas where they have seen ‘issues’ in the past or where they would look for very best practice. Do please use this toolkit as a working document and always download the latest version on the website as it is regularly updated.

Please email HCPA assistance@hcpa.co.uk if you feel you need support with care planning training in your service and we will be happy to support you.

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