Digital Care

What is a Digital Social Care Record?

A Digital Social Care Record is a system that allows the digital recording of care information and care received by an individual which replaces traditional paper records. They enable information to be shared securely and in real time with family members, other members of staff and health care partners as relevant and authorised.

What can HCPA do to help Care Providers with their Digital Transformation?

HCPA are currently investigating how digital social care records and other technologies across the system are being used. Once we have a clear indication of this, we can support with access to funding and support for implementing a DSCR, falls technologies and other digital solutions.

Benefits of Digital Social Care Records

Benefits from CQC:

  • provide ‘real time’ information recording about the care and support people need and receive
  • help providers and carers to be more aware when people’s needs change, and respond to them more quickly
  • offer the ability to use and compare data to improve people’s care
  • help information to be shared quickly, accurately and safely to support the provision of health and care services
  • help to minimise risks such as medication errors, dehydration or missed visits
  • help to support other important health and care functions, such as service management, planning and research
  • make it easier for people who use services to access their own records
  • help to manage and support staff to do their job effectively and efficiently
  • be easier to store, requiring less physical space
  • support better use of resources across the health and care system.

More information from CQC about Digital Social Care Records

For more information about how to implement a Digital Social Care Record, please email

For more information about how to implement a Digital Social Care Record, please email