Complex Care Premium Home Summary


HCPA and HCC has developed this summary guide for Complex Care Premium homes for the next 12 months.

Please find below summary of monitoring form submission dates, dates for managers meetings, links to Champion refresher dates and support visit.

HCC- Manage Contract and Payments and development of the new categories of care.

HCPA- Provide support for homes through Managers Meetings, Support Visits, further Education and Forums.

Manager’s Meetings

We will continue to hold managers meeting each quarter to-

  • Keep managers up to date
  • Review how the programme is running
  • Resolve any issues
  • Create the opportunity for managers to play a key role in the new categories of care, accommodation strategy, requirements of wraparound services and premium post-April 2019

Champion Forums

It is important that champions get the opportunity to continue to network with other Champions, be updated of policy or guidance changes, continue and create new links with health and social care professionals related to the Champion subject and gain new techniques and strategies. HCPA will run two half-day forums each year for each subject area for the Champions to attend.

Below is a table of all the upcoming forums planned for the year.



Monitoring Forms

The project collects these statistics so that it can:

•  Provide information which shows the projects worth (particularly in sourcing continuing funding)
•  Provide information which can be very useful for the home to see and share results (individual dashboards)
•  Help to create individual home development plans which will be supported by the project team
•  Sharing best practice/learning from each other
The forms need to be returned by the following dates for consistent payment to follow-

*Please note dates may change- but you will be contacted by HCC if these change

Data to be completed Monthly by above dates on the online form.

Any issues with completion dates email (for questions, please email or call 01438 845016)

How will the forms be completed?

Following discussions with all managers, it was decided we would set up a Google Spreadsheet that Managers will be able to update online continuously. All data must be complete by the allocated
date above for each month. This will be the same spreadsheet set up as last year, but it will be online. This will be trialled for the first quarter April till June to see how this works for all homes.

Click here for instructions on how to use the form.

Finance Process 

This process links with the monitoring return process. Payments will be run through HCC and are based on the monitoring return dates.

HCC will have access to the online monitoring form to see your data on the return date.

Reference from the bank will be-
CCP- Home Name- Month Payment Relating to- Especially important for organisations that have multiple homes

For any queries contact