How did you get into care?

I have worked in care for 20 years. My friend is a social worker and she introduced me to care because she was studying for her social work degree and had some experience in a care home setting. She suggested I go along and see if it was something I might like to do. I completed a Diploma in Basic Care at college and also did work experience there. I was offered a full-time position as a result of the work experience. I worked there for a long time before going to another care home, before deciding to give community care a go. I enjoyed it because it keeps people in their own home for longer. I was with another home care company for 7 years before coming here in March 2018. It’s been a varied experience between residential and dementia, and community.


What are your day to day tasks?

Each day is varied. I have clients that need help with medication, food preparation, personal care. I also do longer visits too, so whether my client is in a wheelchair or my client is more mobile, they may want to go for a drive or a coffee or go to do an activity, it’s the social aspect of caring. Some of the activities include taking someone swimming or to play golf.  I like working here, and the way we provide care. It’s not rushed, visits are long enough to get to know the client and build a rapport with them.


What training and qualifications have you got?

I have Level 2 in Health and Social Care, BTEC in Medication, End of Life training, First Aid, Care Planning training, Management and leadership training, Risk Assessment training, Fire Marshal training… the list goes on. There are more senior openings coming up in the near future so I am preparing for that.


How supportive is your current employer?

They are really supportive. All I have to do is phone or email them and they get back to me straight away. They are really good with supporting staff to go on up the ladder and development. I am hoping to potentially go into a management role in the future and I am working towards that. I can see myself being at Crossroads for as long as possible. I am proud to work here.


What hours do you work?

I work 6 days per week Monday to Saturday including 2 evenings. The rest of the week I start at 8am and finish around 3 or 4pm. It is a fair shift pattern. They are very flexible here, if I have an appointment of something else going on, they are usually able to adapt or swap shifts.


What do you love about working in care?

I like working in care because it is rewarding seeing people happy. If you have a client in the community and you are the only person that they see all day, it is really nice for them that they have you to communicate with.


What is the biggest challenge in your role?

I don’t feel like there is a challenge here but in a previous workplace there was not enough time spent with clients and not time to get from one client to another. But it’s not like that here, it is very well organised. The minimum call time would be an hour.


What would you say to someone who is nervous about applying for a role in care?

Speak to people and get advice from people that work in care. Look at induction courses that are available or ask a provider for a shadow shift. Caring is a wonderful thing because you make people happy and to see the joy and content as a result of the work you do is amazing.

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