Case study taken July 2021

What attracted you to work in care?

I have been a live-in carer for 7 years. Originally from the Philippines, it is in our culture and nature to look after elderly members of our families, so we do not tend to have many care homes. When I came to England and saw the role of a live-in carer, it felt no different to what I had been doing for my own family. I find the job the job very easy as it’s in my blood, so it’s very natural to me.


Tell me about your current job and what it involves.

As a Live-In Carer, I really love my job and enjoy being with the person I support. I prepare meals, help with personal care including getting him dressed and giving medication and we sometimes go for a walk in the garden or watch TV. In the evening I prepare his supper and help him get ready for bed.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

When you help someone who is elderly or sick, it is so fulfilling and making them happy is something money can’t buy.


What support have you received from your line manager and your team.

They are a fully supportive team, and my line manager is also very supportive.


What are your hours of work and how does this fit around your personal life?

I work during the day and then someone will take over for the night shift. I also get a break during the day when the company sends in a carer to take over for a couple of hours.


How would you enable your client to live as independently as possible?

I would encourage the client to do as much as possible himself but if I feel he needs help, that would be a good time for me to assist him. I would guide him but would not take over and do the whole task for him.


What would you say to someone considering a career in care who may not have done the job before?

If you have a compassionate heart, the role of a Live-In Carer would not be a difficult one for you.


Would you like to progress in your career and if so, what would you like to do next?

Yes. If there was an opportunity for me to move into a management role I would certainly be interested.


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