HCPA have been approached with a number of opportunities surrounding research opportunities in care homes. Research is important for the future of the health and care sector. By allowing dedicated time to be focused on key areas, learning will be available to help care providers with quality and business improvements as well as the individuals receiving care.

We will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday 5th July for you to come along and learn more about how you can engage,

The webinar will cover:

  • Why is Research in Care Homes Important?
  • What is the Agile Research Workforce?
  • Potential research studies care homes can participate in;
    • AFRI-C – Air Filters to Prevent Respiratory Infections including COVID-19 in Care Homes.
    • SONNET – Social connection in long-term care home residents
    • Understanding and measuring safety in older adult residential care homes
  • What care home managers can do to take part and get involved in research


Date: Wednesday 5th July 2022
Time: 11am – 12pm
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Get in touch now!

Between now and the webinar Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust would like to urgently hear from any homes that are interested in the AFRI-CX Air Filter research, which is vital important research considering the last two years with Covid-19. For this study the care providers who express interest in this will be randomised to either have the HEPA Air Filter or Nothing at all. Care homes will be paid up to £4,500 each they are enrolled in the study (£4,500 if the HEPA filters are used and £3,000 for the control sites (no air filters). Further details can be found by clicking here.

If you are interested  in finding out more please contact:

Damalie Kahuli- Clinical Research Nurse
Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust
Email: damalie.kahuli@nhs.net
Mobile: 07867282432

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