» Source: NHS

NHS Improvement have recently published an alert for all health and social care organisations, which highlights the cross infection risks posed by portable fans.

The following is a summary of the main point for care homes:

  • Avoid the use of a fan for infectious residents
  • Avoid the use of a fan within the care home during an infectious outbreak
  • Only fans that can be adequately decontaminated should be used in the care home (Therefore, bladeless fans must be avoided if being used for more than one resident)
  • Any portable fans determined by risk assessment to present an infection risk should be removed from clinical use
  • All portable fans must be decontaminated before use in the bedroom of a different resident
  • There must be a programme of planned maintenance and cleaning of all portable fans
  • This alert applies to portable fans in any resident area

If you have any queries regarding this alert, please contact Lynn Stewart (Head of Infection Prevention & Control, HVCCG & ENHCCG) on lynn.stewart1@nhs.net.

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