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Veronica from Hitchin

The StopFalls service run by not-for-profit organisation Hertfordshire Care Providers Association (HCPA) is helping to keep our elderly moving during the pandemic and beyond.  The StopFalls campaign which is in collaboration with and funded by Hertfordshire County Council aims to help prevent falls whether in the home or in a residential care setting.

The successful campaign has seen engagement from individuals and carers as well as care providers and Care staff across the county. With online exercise sessions to help with mobility, the team at HCPA are guiding people in the right direction and inspiring everyone to keep healthy and mobile at the same time.

The online resources offer a mixture of prevention techniques as well as skills in the management of conditions that are vital during COVID-19. They aim to keep individuals as independent and healthy as possible to stop physical and mental deterioration and maintain good health and well-being.

One such lady who is benefiting from the StopFalls service is Veronica. Veronica who resides in Hitchin, is 100 years young. She looks forward to her exercise sessions with her Carer on her weekly home visits and has recently taken to Facebook with a video of herself doing the Trunk Twist exercise session.
Veronica who had a stroke earlier this year says she is determined to keep moving. She asks to be recorded doing her exercises so that she can inspire others to do the same.

As the weather gets colder and winter sets in there is even more emphasis on keeping safe.  With hazards such as slipping and tripping on icy pavements during this winter weather, there is a greater need to ensure that our elderly can face the challenges of moving around outside.

Taking part in strength and balance exercises helps to prevent falls. It is proven that doing strength and balance exercises two times a week helps to maintain mobility and fitness.

According to the chief medical officer’s guidelines this type of exercise should be accompanied with at least 150 minutes of moderate activity.

You can view HCPA’s StopFalls exercise videos at www.hcpastopfalls.info/exercise as well as on the app, and also view their ‘Fall-proof your home guide’ which helps to ensure you are safe inside and out, especially during this cold weather!

The HCPA StopFalls website aims to see all adults, social care providers, staff and families benefit from the service which continues to reduce falls throughout Hertfordshire and to date has reached over 14,455 people.

The website shares the most effective methods to help reduce falls. Beginning with the nationwide Falls Risk Assessment Tool and common risk factors such as medication, to the importance of exercise, what to do in the event of a fall and a selection of other helpful suggestions.

The one of a kind StopFalls app has been developed to allow individuals easy to access information in preventing falls and to other resources such as keeping active. The app which is FREE of charge includes exercise instructions and video demonstrations that take you through chair based and standing balance exercises which is a great way to keep moving and stay fit.

The StopFalls service aims to promote education, exercise, and awareness for people who may be at risk of falls. Whether you care for someone, live in your own home, or know of family and friends at risk, HCPA provide you with the most current information and resources that will support you in their mission to stop falls.

To view the StopFalls exercise brochure or find out more about StopFalls please visit https://www.hcpastopfalls.info/

Join the StopFalls community on Facebook @HCPAStopFalls for inspiring stories and up to the minute news.