More and more people in the UK are adopting vegan and vegetarian diets, and as a result we’re seeing more vegetarian and vegan food products on the shelves in the local supermarkets. What this means for catering within the care sector is the increasing need for care providers to offer vegan and vegetarian dishes to suit the needs of their services users.

As a relatively new trend it can be difficult for care providers to know where to start. If you need help, we run the Advanced Nutrition Champion Pathway, which is fully-funded and based on the National Nutritional standards.

The Pathway is designed to cover all areas of Nutritional training for care, and the Champion gains; Level 3 award in Education and Training, Level 3 unit in Promote Nutrition and Hydration, and Train the Trainer in Nutrition Awareness so all knowledge can be cascaded through formal training and facilitation within your care organisation.

Additionally, the Champion will gain specialist knowledge including; Eating for Health in Old Age, Special Diets, Nutritional Problems and Provision of Nutritional Support.

Alongside the Champion Pathway, the Champion’s Manager will need to complete several modules to support the Champion and facilitate the process of a strategy or action plan for your organisation around Nutrition. If a delegate has previously completed these QCF units they will be expected to attend the training but not be required to complete the homework.

The Advanced Nutrition Champion Pathway starts in November, so if you’re interested in joining the course make sure you make a note in your diary, as bookings for the course are limited and due to open in August.

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