community education is a service launched by HCPA to support everyone in the Health and Social Care sector to engage in meaningful activities and promote wellbeing, regardless of age or ability.

The community education team offer specialist prevention, intervention and engagement sessions delivered by qualified experts in either one-to-one or group sessions.

All community education sessions are adaptable to suit your needs and can be held at your residential, community, or social-care setting.

You can choose from a range of community education sessions, including:

Exercise Programmes

HCPA specialises in delivery of evidence-based exercise programmes, prescribed by our Postural Stability Instructors. Exercises are adapted for a range of needs and are designed to support individuals to be as independent as possible whilst continuing to undertake activities of daily living. The programmes include:

  • Chair Based Exercise: seated exercises which focus on building muscle strength, bone density, joint flexibility, and circulatory health by gradually building stamina. With regular completion of these exercises, participants regain mobility and rely less on walking aids.
  • OTAGO and PSI Exercises: designed for participants who have more standing strength, these programmes feature leg muscle strengthening and balance retraining exercises, created specifically to reduce risk of falls.

All HCPA exercise programmes include the use of Q TUG technology – these digital assessments are conducted at the start and end of every programmes, to measure participants balance, falls risk, walking speed and gait. Data shows that over a 12 – 16 week courses, falls risk is significantly reduced.

Healthy Lifestyle Promotion

Newly updated for 2018, HCPA’s A Healthier You course is aimed at users of learning disability support services who may live independently and would like to learn more about how to adopt healthier lifestyles.

The sessions cover the human body, the importance of nutrition, hydration and balanced diets, physical activity and healthy lifestyles and minds.

Learners will investigate the Eatwell Plate and how this can influence their meal choices, take part in a smoothie making activity with their choice of healthy ingredients, and over the course will create meal planners and exercise planners that they can continue to utilise independently.

Therapeutic Horticulture

HCPA’s Therapeutic Horticulture specialists deliver these indoor, table-top gardening sessions. Based on College of Occupational Therapy principles, all sessions are designed to provide graded rehabilitation for people of all needs and abilities.

Participants are encouraged to express personal preferences and memories around gardening, and to choose from a range of activities that stimulate the senses, and promote gentle exercise.

Coming soon – Accredited Qualifications for Service Users

HCPA will be delivering accredited qualifications at Entry level, aimed at service users with a learning disability or mental health need, with a focus on employability and skills for life.

Subjects include:

  • Retail Skills
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Digital Skills and E Safety
  • First Aid
  • Basic Food Hygiene
  • Employability/ Developing Skills for the Workplace
  • Independent Living – Accessing Community Facilities
  • Independent Living – Household Skills
  • Personal and Social Skills
If you have any questions or would like more information about community education please call us on 01707 536020