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Community Education is a service launched by HCPA to support elderly individuals and individuals living with learning disabilities to engage in meaningful activities and to promote well-being.

All Community Education sessions are adaptable to suit the needs of the individual and can be held at your residential, community, or social-care setting.

Community Education and the courses below are fully funded by HAFLS


This class will enable the learners to:

  • Identify the fundamentals of IT
  • Use a mobile IT device and a computer keyboard
  • Use the Internet
  • Explain the importance of staying safe online
  • Identify scams and phishing
  • Identify cyber bullying and safeguarding
  • Use email
  • Use word processing software to create a CV
  • Practice data entry and spreadsheets


This class will enable the learners to:

  • Discuss the different food groups from the Eatwell Guide
  • Feel confident enough to plan healthy balanced meals with different ingredients and identify healthy foods in a supermarket
  • Appreciate why physical activity and exercise are important and the healthy impact it has on our body
  • Gain awareness of healthy snacking and your 5-a-day
  • Distinguish recommended portion sizes and the importance of hydration
  • Plan positive changes to diet and lifestyle including mental wellbeing, and implement 5 goals to promote a more positive lifestyle
If you have any questions or would like more information about community education please call us on 01707 536020