Approved external training providers logo 2022


On this webpage, you will find downloads for the Approved External Training Provider logo. Please abide by our ‘Do’s and ‘Do Not’s when using our materials.

If you have found yourself on the wrong page and need the Approved Internal Training Provider logo, please click here.

Click the logo to download it in .png format. Please use the logo no smaller than 200px width.

Logo branding DON’TS    X

There are many ways to display your logo, but here are several ways which should NOT be done.

Stretched logo

When resizing our logo for whatever purpose, please remember to hold the ‘shift’ key to maintain the logos proportions. If the logo ends up too small to read the ‘Hertfordshire Care Providers Association’ tagline, please use the appropriate logo specified above.

Small logo

Ensure that the text and the HCPA logo are clearly legible in all scenarios when resizing.

Use the suitable downloadable logo above when it is intended to be smaller than 200px wide on screen.

Logo with effects

Please do not alter or amend the logo in anyway shape or form.

This includes altering the colour, brightness, saturation and includes adding effects, or drop shadows.

Altering the logo

At no occasion must you alter the logo, including adding additional images.

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