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Local home care company, 1st Homecare, is celebrating both a milestone year and the astounding long service of its’ employees.  The number 272 might sound like a bus route but in fact it is the total number of years of service completed by 1st Homecare’s loyal and...

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NEW Practice guidance: Safeguarding and Falls

HCPA and Hertfordshire County Council have worked together to develop practice guidance for Safeguarding and Falls. Not every fall will need to be reported as a safeguarding issue, this practice guidance covers the following topics to ensure correct reporting: What to...

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Cash Flow issues? Ask for support!

While this recent news article suggests that one in five Homecare organisations risk financial failure in next six months due to sums owed by NHS and councils, we are pleased that this is not nearly such a problem in Hertfordshire. If however, you do find your...

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Updated Guidance on CCTV / Surveillance Cameras

If there is CCTV installed, the Care/Nursing home must gain consent from their residents. If a person is unable to consent to the CCTV/Surveillance, then a mental capacity assessment and best interests’ decision needs to be completed and evidenced for each person this...

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Data Security and Protection

HCPA are the regional coordinators for Better Security Better Care, a fully-funded national task force who exist to support care providers manage data protection, information governance and cyber risks.  We help care providers understand data protection by supporting...

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