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Employer Toolkits for HCPA Members

HCPA have put together valuable toolkits to support you to improve your recruitment and retention. Each toolkit can be printed or downloaded, so please share across your services to support all managers and recruiters.

What can our service do for you?

This handy toolkit explains how Herts Good Care can help you!


How do I recruit and onboard quickly during COVID-19?

It’s easier than you think!

How do I arrange intergenerational activities?

This handy toolkit explains how to best organise an intergenerational activity, including ideas and important things to think about such as risk assessments.

Want to attract quality candidates?

Use our Job Adverts toolkit to assist you in writing the perfect advert.

Utilising volunteers during COVID-19

Volunteers can help alleviate considerable pressures during COVID-19

Do you know apprenticeships can benefit your organisation?

A breakdown of what you need to know to kick start your apprenticeship recruitment process.

How can I be involved with the Good Care Campaign?

Every year during the months of January and July HCPA run ‘Good Care Campaign’ in the aim to reduce the stigma around care and introduce more people into the sector. Find out how you can be involved!