Are you putting your business at risk of hefty fines, breaches of sensitive data, and damaging your organisation’s reputation?


NHS.mail: Secure and Fast Communication via this fully funded solution  available for both residential and nursing homes who support older people or adults with disabilities.


We have launched a 6-month project to support Care Home managers and owners to implement NHS Secure email enabling quicker and safer communication with health and social care services. To gain NHS secure email, organisations need to complete the NHS Data Protection and Security Toolkit.


What is the issue?

NHS.mail will allow care homes to receive patient-identifiable information from the hospital, GPs and community teams securely and quickly. Care homes are still receiving resident information either by fax or post; often this information is not being received as this is inefficient, slow, and non-secure. Additionally, hospitals in Hertfordshire will soon cease to use fax machines.


What is NHS.mail?

NHS.mail is the secure email system used by the NHS that allows resident-identifiable information to be shared quickly and easily over email, meaning that confidential information from the hospital, community teams and GPs can be sent rapidly and securely. To achieve this, homes must complete the NHS Data Protection and Security Toolkit.


The project aims to train and support residential services to use this new secure system.


How can NHS.mail help my organisation?

NHS/mail offers:

  • Fast and secure communication between GP Practices and care homes
  • Confidential sharing of patient-identifiable information responding to medication queries in a timely fashion
  • Entries on System One (used by GPs and the NHS) can be emailed to care managers to ensure all clinical reviews and actions can be communicated to all staff
  • GDPR regulations for CQC and statutory bodies will be met


How can I be a part of this fully funded project?

  1. Book your Data Protection or Information Governance Lead to attend training with HCPA to learn about the NHS Data Protection and Security Toolkit – If you are unsure who the right person is, give us a call and we will guide you
  2. Complete requirements for the NHS Data Protection and Security Toolkit. This will happen at the training and within your organisation 3-6 weeks following training
  3. For organisations who need it, we will come to your site to support you with completing final elements of the toolkit
  4. Apply to set up your NHS account, for up to 10 user accounts
  5. Start using safe and secure email


» Simply start by clicking here to visit our web page and book a convenient time for your Lead to attend!

» If you have any further questions, please email

» If you are a Care Home in East & North Hertfordshire and already have an NHS email, please click here