Hertfordshire County Council Supervisory Body have developed a new way to receive Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) applications via an online portal.  The Dols Portal is secure and efficient and enables HCC to respond quickly to the application. The portal ensures the correct information is provided and improves data quality. A PDF copy of the referral is available within the portal for 90 days and it can be printed and/or downloaded.

HCC have begun to roll the DoLs Portal out as a pilot initially with 5 care homes and are hoping to roll it out further from December working closely with Managing Authorities in the most efficient way possible.

HCC recognise that care homes are required to make significant DoLS applications and implementing a new process may cause some concern, however, they believe there are benefits to both HCC and Provider organisations in implementing this as soon as possible.

With the current process HCC regularly receive applications with the following issues:

  1. Key information incorrect or missing – name and date of birth
  2. Person’s usual home address is missing – This is required to determine Ordinary Residence
  3. Handwritten scanned form 1 which is illegible; signature and name of person is unclear.
  4. Handwritten/scanned form 1 where only alternate pages have been sent.
  5. Sometimes the urgent section boxes aren’t ticked, and form has not been signed.
  6. form sent in multiple documents  which then need to be printed off and scanned into one full document and attached to the system


The use of the portal will overcome a lot of these issues and prevent the back and forth between services which creates extra work for both HCC and Providers.

When the portal is ready to go live HCPA will distribute the link to all providers through our weekly e-newsletter, so watch this space.

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