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This scheme is only available for those caring for someone in Hertfordshire.
If you are in another county, please contact your own local authority to see if they have a similar scheme.

Are you employing any temporary staff or volunteers?

If so, we now have a mechanism set up for providers to access photo ID cards if for some reason you cannot get your own done quickly enough for new staff/temporary staff or volunteers during the COVID-19 period. We have worked with ‘Carers in Herts’ and they are now able to provide these to people in need of photo ID with a card. If you need any cards, please use the links below.

New or Temporary Staff ID cards during COVID-19


To request ID cards for staff in your organisation, click the button below


Personal Assistant ID cards

If you are working for someone who receives a Direct Payment and are their Personal Assistant and need a photo ID card, you can request one here.

Volunteer ID Cards

If you have registered as a volunteer with HCPA and have been matched up with a care company to provide support, the company will either provide an ID badge or send you a form to complete to request an ID badge. If you have not been provided with this information, please click on the link below to send us an email to say who you are and where you are working to request an ID card (this will be verified).

Free Parking Permits & Key Worker Letter

To accompany ID cards, a letter has been written by Hertfordshire County Council for you to give to your staff so that they can prove that they are included in the Key Worker category alongside free parking permits.

Following a government announcement, local authorities have been asked to provide free parking for those on duty as an NHS staff member, Health or Social Care worker or volunteer.

This is to enable them to access parking concessions in local authority-owned off-street car parks and on-street bays during the COVID-19 emergency response period.

Please note: When you receive the letter, you will need to add
your employee’s name and delete where applicable.

The ID cards should be enough for ID purposes. This system has been set up for new workers without access to ID, temporary workers, and volunteers.

If you have any issues with this form of ID and need additional identification, please email volunteer@hcpa.info

Please do not overload this system if you do not need it.

Key Workers and School Provision Letter

This letter relates to those Key Workers who require continuing school or early years provision to allow them to continue to work as normal.