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COVID-19: Employee Assistance Programme

Supporting your staff with counselling


In partnership with Hertfordshire County Council, we are now able to provide a county-wide Employee Assistance Programme to private, independent, and voluntary care providers should care staff and volunteers need extra mental health, anxiety or bereavement support relating to COVID-19. We can only imagine the experiences care staff are going through during this challenging period and in the difficult weeks ahead. Employees may:

  • Need to care for people who use your service who have been affected by the Coronavirus;
  • May have to deal with an unusual number of deaths;
  • May have family members who are affected;
  • May be symptomatic or have gone through the virus themselves.


Throughout all of this, they will also be dealing with the uncertainty of the situation and an increased workload. 

Please print this poster and put in staff rooms and shared staff areas.

The service includes a number to text or an email address.

Accessing the Employee Assistance Programme


If you think that you have a staff member who needs some extra support during this time, please ask them to contact our friendly team on eap@hcpa.info or send a text message to 07520 649 448

We will then arrange access to support for the individual.

The Employee Assistance Programme uses a range of apps, websites, and telephone counselling support for those who need it most. The service can assist with issues of mental health, anxiety and bereavement as well as many other areas and is the UK leader in employee assistance.

This service is only available to individuals who work in Social Care who need it and not to entire care organisations. So, please pass the details onto your staff.