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Flu Season Easy Read Information

» How does the flu jab work? [.PDF]
» Seasonal flu [.PDF]

If you know of any young adult with Learning Disabilities who is at home/any residential unit/elderly persons homes that might be interested in these topics sheets, Oasis Academy would willingly add them onto our growing list for them to receive them at the end of each week in readiness for the following week. It is really suggestions to focus on and can be adapted to suit the needs and abilities. Please send their name, email address, and the town they live and their name will be added onto a list to For help, email Liz or call 07742969175.

Herts People First resources


Herts People First has produced the attached booklet My Plan to be safe from coronavirus in Hertfordshire, a practical document to help people with learning disabilities think about what they need to be safe and well and includes a page on how to get help.

A separate Who Can Help document is also attached and 6 posters produced by Photosymbols.

Herts People First knows people with learning disabilities often do not receive information in the way they need and includes hard copy / on paper.

Herts People First asks you to please print the booklet ‘My Plan to be safe from coronavirus in Hertfordshire’ in colour and give this to people with learning disabilities you support.

We would like you to talk to people you support about the information in the booklet and to support them to fill in the idea pages. Please also help people to identify and include their own important numbers on the last page of the booklet.

The attached Photosymbols posters can be used to help reinforce the messages in the My Plan booklet on a person to person level to explain the rules and adjustments that can be made for people with learning disabilities based on individual risk assessments. Please also print these in colour.

If you are not able to print the booklet and posters in colour for any reason please tell us by e-mail to Herts People First at or call 01438 759009.

If you are not able to print the whole booklet please print the document ‘Who Can Help’ and again talk it through with people and support them to identify and add their important numbers. This document can be put up on the wall or a memo board where it can be easily seen.

Can you also tell people you support about the new Easy Read website set up for people with learning disabilities where there is information about Coronavirus and some fun activities. For those people you support who do not have their own access to the internet please can you share it with them.

We hope people with learning disabilities you support find the booklet and information helpful at this time.

» Who can help
» Health risks
» What if you get ill

Mencap Easy Read Resources

Resources to help with structure and keeping busy

We know that these are difficult and unusual times.

To help with this, Mencap have created some resources to help plan your days and weeks, as well as activity guides to help keep busy.

» Access the resources

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