Group Bookings for HCPA Training

We’ve got your back!

COVID-19 hasn’t gone away but we know monitoring and inspections are coming back, so now is the time to get stage one of the recovery plan in place. Some of you will be in a position to start planning while others will still be in the thick of it and we completely understand that, which is why we are planning to give you as much pick’n’mix offers as possible.

  • Our Provider hub supported you all through the most difficult of times and we will of course keep this in place, we have moved this from a 7 day operation to a 5 day offer but our emails are always open and we are happy to continue to work with you to link with key partners and find solutions to your most pressing challenges
  • For staff welfare there is the Employee Assistance Programme which still includes one to one counselling so please remember to pass this onto any staff who are struggling and think about booking on the next Resilience Coaches course if you have someone who wants to be the in-house supporter of welfare
  • Our emails will continue at the same pace as the guidance so that you don’t miss out on anything important for our sector and we will continue to lobby for more sensible and straightforward guidance


What we want to do now is change the offer we have for education and information. We know you need to get staff up to date so we are offering to support you in whatever ways work best for you. The offer of webinars will not go away, our plan is to keep all sessions which are ‘information-based’ and all ‘short sessions’ such as forums, to our now tried and tested interactive ‘live online’ webinars.

Back to the HCPA Training Centre (we have made our building COVID safe) – However we remain concerned about IPC in our sector and we don’t want you mixing with other providers, so we are making our offer to you a ‘group booking’ offer, so if you see a learning programme that you would like and can get 5-6 people together, we can book you in either at our training centre or we will send a trainer to you (if you have appropriate socially distanced facilities).

  • The Monitoring teams want us to focus on ‘leadership’ and we are therefore offering this in a variety of ways, on a webinar, face to face and bespoke, rest assured we will be talking about the new challenges you face!
  • We want to continue to offer the *care certificate’ – we are now extending our virtual two day course to a virtual interactive six day course. This is back to being inclusive of the L1 Award in Health and Social Care. These courses will be running regularly or you may choose to request a group booking
  • With staff who require ‘refreshers’ we have our new ‘SkillUp’ package offer which covers Safeguarding, Duty of Care, Basic First Aid Principles, Health & Fire Safety, and Moving & Positioning (demonstration only), we have linked with the monitoring teams and, as each module is certificated, we feel this is a robust programme. Again this one will be offered as a ‘group booking’ at our training centre or on your site, we just need a group of 5 people for 4 days over 4 weeks
  • Our ‘health’ offer has expanded by working with a number of our expert colleagues across the health system, most will remain webinar based but again if you have a group we can look at working with you
  • Stop Falls education and support with continue with a variety of education ‘Live Online’ and face to face including intervention, prevention and frailty. To learn more visit
  • Our new and much needed ‘Enablement’ offer is really looking at supporting staff to understand enabling and independence approaches to care supporting better quality life and bringing people back to coping with activities of daily living in a safe way
  • Our original offer of ‘open certificated courses’ is still available and can be delivered in a variety of ways including keeping up the webinar option
  • The Mandatory fund is still available if you ask approved training providers to come to your site

This is just a taster of what we have available to nurture our providers back to quality assured services and below you will see a list of courses available.

As you know, so much of our offer can be funded but we do need to make every penny of funding count so there may be some small charges for some options but these are being kept to a minimum and we will always try to help you utilise the funding pots. We are currently waiving any cancellation fees during this period as we know the unexpected can happen.

So, it’s not going to be a quick fix but we have to start somewhere, we will aim to get you back to where you were pre-COVID and to once again show-case how much Hertfordshire providers support the learning needs of their staff and value the quality of their service!

Please click here if you would like to express your interest in any group training, or other training needs you have which we may be able to help you with.

* Care Certificate/Skill Up Programmes – there are no practical sessions on virtual courses, only demos, so you will need to bring staff up to speed on practical sessions as soon as we can start offering training again as normal- this will be explained on any certificate so monitoring officers are aware. Of course we would expect providers to do competency checks.


The ‘Care To Step Up’ project is part funded by:

HCPA are delighted to announce that in partnership with Hertfordshire County Council, we have secured funding from the European Structural and Investment Funds for more quality training for the sector, so we will be able to offer more of what you need and request and some new courses as well.

Care To Step Up

The funding comes with some ‘rules’ that we have to follow which means that we will need to ask you for more information than usual if you are booking onto courses that are funded under the ‘Care To Step Up’ programme.

We hope this won’t be too onerous and we will make this as simple as possible, but we are sure you will agree that the little extra information is worth it as we will be offering all this additional training at no, or minimal cost to your business.

Course titleOption available for a Group Booking at HCPA Training Centre or at your site (min 5 max 6 staff)Live On-line Option only for Group Booking
An Introduction to Care Leadership
Award in Education and Training
Build a Culture of Dignity for Managers
Care Certificate + Level 1 (£60pp)
Chairing and facilitating meetings
Competencies: Standardisation
Conflict Management (in a training session)
Developing Professional Curiosity
Diabetes Management including administration and blood testing
Difficult Conversations: A guide for leaders
Dignity in Care
Duty of Candour
Effective Complaints Management
Enablement and Independence
Equality and Diversity
Equality and Diversity for Managers
Falls Prevention Homecare
Falls Prevnetion Care Homes
Frailty Identification and Management
Infection Prevention and Control including PPE
Level 2 SkillUp to Health and Social Care - Refresher (£60pp)
Level 3 Award in Training Management
Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement
LGBT+ Awareness
Lone working
Managing People: Proactively Raising Productivity through Performance Management
MCA & DoLs for Managers
Oral Health Management
Pressure Ulcer - Prevention & Treatment
Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care
Professional Boundaries
Quality Assurance and Inspections: Leading and Recognising Excellence in Care
Recruitment and Retention: Leading a Compassionate Care Service
Safeguarding - Communicating with Wider Team - for Managers
Safeguarding: Route/Cause Analysis
Strategies for retaining a competent, skilled workforce
Supervision and Appraisals
Time Management for Leaders
Understanding professional supervision practice
Urinary Tract Infection and Hydration