Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a statement to the House of Commons on the Omicron variant on Wednesday 5th January 2022.

Please remember this guidance is for the general public, not social care. We await further guidance for social care.

Key points from the statement:

    • Over 90% of the over 70’s and over 86% of the over 50’s has had their booster vaccination.
    • We are experiencing the fastest growth in COVID cases that we have ever known.
    • Plan B will continue for another three weeks, with a further review before the regulations expire on 26th.
    • People in England should continue working from home whenever they can, wear face coverings on public transport and in most indoor public places and take a test before going to high-risk venues or meeting elderly or vulnerable people.
    • From 10th January the Government will provide 100,000 critical workers in England free lateral flow tests for every working day to help keep essential services running.
    • The need to do a PCR to confirm the result of a positive lateral flow has been suspended. From Tuesday 11th January if you test positive on a lateral flow device, you should just record that result on and begin self-isolating. Not currently applicable to social care. Please keep your system for testing as it currently is.
    • From 4am on Friday 7th January there will no longer be a pre-departure test when travelling abroad.
    • The requirement to self-isolate on arrival until receipt of a negative PCR will also be lifted, returning to the system that was in place in October 2021.
    • Those arriving in England will need to take a lateral flow test no later than end of Day 2, and if positive, a further PCR test to help identify any new variants at the border.
    • There are nearly 9 million people eligible for their booster who haven’t had it.
    • As many as 90% of those in intensive care with COVID have not had their booster and over 60% have not had a vaccination at all.


    » Click here to read the full statement
    » Click here for more information about the COVID-19 booster

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