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CLCH Prevention of Admission Pathways, Rapid Response (RR), Early Intervention Vehicle (EIV)


RR and EIV pathways are delivered by joint multi-disciplinary teams comprising of Nurses, Paramedics, OTs, Physios andHealthcare Support Workers to prevent avoidable hospital admissions. Care Homes will typically refer patients suitable for an EIV response. The services are available to adult patients living in Herts Valleys and registered with a Herts Valleys GP.Typical Referrals Accepted:• Urinary Tract Infection• Falls with no/minor injuries (including patients currently on the floor) Minor head injuries (without loss of consciousness)• Back Pain Chest Infections• Joint and Limb pain• Dizziness Vomiting• For any life-threatening conditions, call 999 (Not breathing, unconscious, chest pain, signs of stroke, heavy bleeding)
Opening Hours
08:00-20:00 - 7 days a week
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