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Highlights of the letters sent by HCC (Chris Badger)  to all types of providers,

Re: Infection Control Fund for Community Care Providers – round 2

We have now received guidance on the latest allocation of the national Social Care Infection Control Fund -round 2. As before this has been provided with formal grant conditions from the Government, for both local authorities and care providers, which allow us to secure our share of the additional £546m national grant. As promised, I write to pass on the information contained in these conditions. I have asked HCPA to lodge a copy of the government letters and grant conditions on their website at hcpa.info/covid-19

Hertfordshire County Council is obliged to comply with these various provisions and conditions as set out in the Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund -round 2: local authority circular and the accompanying guidance. As a recipient of the grant, you will also be obliged to comply with the same provisions and conditions (as if they were set out in full in this letter) and I would advise you to read them on the HCPA website and be confident you can comply. I have set out some of the key considerations in the remainder of this letter.

I realise that the grant conditions and requirements are not straightforward and so to help ensure you can make full use of your allocation I have asked HCPA to organise a webinar session to address any queries you may have. This is due to take place on Friday 9th October from 1pm – 2pm.

… Clarification on the use of the Infection Control Grant – The guidance that accompanies the grant allocations details precisely what is meant by ‘infection control’. As with the round 1 funding this is largely about the additional staffing costs and any associated accommodation or transport costs incurred because of measures put in place by care providers to prevent transmission of the virus between care homes and the community through staff.

… The guidance states: “The purpose of this funding is to support adult social care providers to reduce the rate of COVID-19 transmission within and between care settings, in particular helping to reduce the need for staff movements between sites… The Infection Control Fund provides financial support to providers so they can continue to pay their staff their normal wages whilst self-isolating according to government guidelines. The fund aims to ensure that care workers do not lose income because they are self-isolating.” Details of specific measures that the funding supports are included in Appendix 1

… In order to claim the second and final instalment of this fund… The grant conditions go on to specify how the council must confirm that the first instalment paid to care providers is to be verified before the second instalment can be made

… As the monitoring requirements for round 2 require us to complete a government return on how the funding is being spent on a monthly basis we are asking providers to complete the Infection Control Spend Tracker (found with the letters below). This needs to be completed on a monthly basis and returned each month by the 15th of the following month.

… Actions for you:

  1. Today: please ensure you have completed the CQC Homecare survey (if applicable) or Capacity Tracker (Residential) and have a process to continue to do so on a weekly basis
  2. Today: claim the first instalment of the infection control fund, please do so by invoicing HCC to acs.carepayments@hertfordshire.gov.uk
  3. This week: consider how you will have spent the total grant money by March 2021 in line with the measures laid out in the conditions and start completing the spend tracker, in order to report back to HCC on spending each month
  4. From now on but before 15th each month, please send the following document to acs.carepayments@hertfordshire.gov.uk

A completed copy of the ICF Spend Tracker, stating how you plan to spend the grant and what you have spent each month of the Infection Control Fund in line with grant conditions letter.

  1. After you have completed your December spend tracker, send a further invoice for your second instalment of the Infection Control Fund in line with instructions above (this will not be paid without monthly completed Spend Trackers for October, November & December 2020)
  2. By the 15th April 2021, please send one further completed copy of the ICF Spend Tracker (linked below), stating how you have spent the total allocation of the Infection Control Fund in line with grant conditions to acs.carepayments@hertfordshire.gov.uk.

 Business Continuity Plans – One of the new conditions of the grant is that we work with providers in our area on business continuity plans. To help you there is a template available on the HCPA website. In addition to this we are working to arrange a webinar with our HCC resilience colleagues towards the end of October and I would encourage you to attend if you need assistance or guidance in this area. We will forward details of the webinar as soon as they are finalised.

  • Payments for Community Services (Including Homecare) are £140 per client (contracted or not)
  • Payments for Residential Services are £427 per bed (contracted or not)

If you are unsure and need support, call the provider support line on 01707 708 108.

‌Please read the letters which are relevant to your service

Community Services

» For HCC non-contracted CQC regulated Community Care Providers [.PDF]
» For HCC contracted Community Care Providers [.PDF]
» ICF Spend Tracker – Community Providers [.XLS]

Care Home Services

» For HCC non-contracted Care Homes [.PDF]
» For HCC contracted Care Home Providers [.PDF]
» ICF Spend Tracker – Care Home Providers [.XLS]