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Community Education is a service launched by HCPA to support elderly individuals and individuals living with learning disabilities to engage in meaningful activities and to promote well-being.

All Community Education sessions are adaptable to suit the needs of the individual and can be held at your residential, community, or social-care setting.

Community Education and the course below is fully funded by HAFLS

Join us for this fantastic fully-funded
six-week activity course, available for ALL client groups

Packed full of fun quizzes and activities ‘Our World Research project’ will encourage learning and entertain at the same time!

The virtual activity courses

Led by their LIVE tutor the groups will be taken to a different continent each week. Participants will be encouraged to use different resources to research each continent. The virtual groups will meet regularly and be made up of individuals from various settings.


Learners will be given workbooks to support research and to track their learning; this is an area where your staff can have fun with the learners even outside of the sessions!

Participants will need access to Zoom (with or without the help of staff).

Learners will be encouraged to log onto each 2 hour session, each week for 6 weeks. Learners will be sent the workbooks each week, to record information to support the development of their projects.

This course is open to anyone. If you need any support, or adaptations, we will be happy to discuss how we can support yourself with this.

If you have any questions or would like more information about community education please call us on 01707 536020